June 01, 2009

The week that I have internet finally installed in my own home is the same week that I am absolutely too busy to do anything worth writing about. I’ve baked cookies, cut my hair so short that I have been called “sir” at work and failed at both setting up my studio and at fixing my pool. I didn’t completely fail at setting up my studio, but it isn’t complete. It’s like having a todo list. You can’t cross it off unless it’s completely done. And without crossing it off you never feel that sense of accomplishment. I would have finished it except for the horrific bout of the worst pms related cramps I’ve had in my entire life, a three day migraine and a case of food poisoning. I don’t usually get cramps or headaches, let alone migraines. I also don’t go out searching for old, undercooked food so that I can spend three quarters of my day in the bathroom. I did get pretty far in my current book because of that. I’ve begun reading all of Christopher Moore’s books and I’m currently stuck on Island of the Sequined Love Nun. Not my favorite but I must trudge through. I can’t ever bring myself to quit on a book I’ve started. It might just be because I finished Bloodsucking Fiends in a day and a half because I could not put it down. I decided I was going to read them all in the order they came out, and because of this I didn’t jump forward to You Suck. I’m almost regretting that decision now. I can’t get thoughts of Jody and Tommy out of my head.
Moving forward, nothing terribly notable is happening on the house front. Only that the pool needs fixing and there’s not much we can do about it being that we’re not professionals and don’t have any money. I had to spend a good chunk of my paycheck to finally get my Massachusetts drivers license. Stupid RMV. Now I’m living on ramen and pb&js, but at least I can enjoy them in my new spacious home. If only houses were edible. I have read that if you have an edible house it turns you into a cranky old woman who likes to eat children. I’m not entirely sure if that’s true but I wouldn’t want to tempt fate so I guess I’ll stick to ramen and pbj for now.
In between working and hiding out in the bathroom, I’ve been beginning to write my memoirs. I’m new to this writing stuff, nothing besides thesis papers have warranted much attention. I’m also writing it out of order. There are some things better left for later. I’ll say I’m doing it to build suspense and to create an interesting time shift for the reader. “Tarantino-ing” it, as I’ve heard it called. It might just be because I’m not ready to write about some things yet.
I should go check up on the hubby and his friend, they tend to go on fixing-sprees and these things don’t go over very well for me when they’ve been drinking. Man-stuff I suppose.

Here’s a link to Christopher Moore’s blog: http://blog.chrismoore.com/
Check out Time Travel Tweets. Good stuff.


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