June 05, 2009

I’ve done absolutely nothing this past week. I am a failure, and a lazy ass. Ive done nothing but lay around, wasting time. I couldn’t tell you what I did exactly I did to waste all that time, only that it wasn’t worth remembering and therefore must be something terribly unimportant.

Things I did do this week:
Ate chips and cheese dip for two hours
Worked on a picture that has the potential to become my new branding device
Stared at my pea soup green pool wishing I could swim in it without fear of developing an ailment
Played computer games with the hubby
Watched several crappy movies including Drag Me To Hell, Babylon AD, Mall Cop and Be Kind, Rewind
Watched one good movie on accident, Live Free or Die Hard
Ruined a batch of potato salad

In between all this heavy duty stuff I would laze around, read some more of my book and sleep. What hard work I have to do all the time. I don’t know how I do it sometimes.
Today I did do some necessary cleaning of the kitchen and bedroom, just to make myself feel useful.
But alas, I have spent too much time sulking and delivering news of my intensive labors. I must retreat back to my hovel and resume my work.
My husband is asking me to move a large chair up the stairs. Oh boy, what fun!


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