June 13, 2009

It is done. I have finished unpacking my house, everything is put away (mostly). It was a hard last push, but well worth it. We finally got the living room set up which took us two whole days. One of them was spent with my husband encouraging me while pushing me into a hole in the wall. I then had to crawl behind the wall upstairs dragging 100 feet of ethernet cable and a tiny little lamp with an extension cord like a little attic miner. I then had to shove my hand through some insulation into a dark hole in the floor and then feed the wire through it. Meanwhile my hubby hung out downstairs next to the panel we removed from the bathroom (no insulation) and waited to feed the wire down to the basement. Then I had to run down to the basement climb up on some unbalanced coolers and chairs, feed the wire across the ceiling through a hole in the wall to the laundry room through the ceiling some more to a hole my husband drilled in the ceiling. Then he fed the wire while I crawled through the entertainment center, under the wires and carefully not tipping over our tv and I pulled the wire up, and had to sit behind there squished between the tv and the wall for an hour while occasionally feeding some wire while trying not to get tangled and pull everything on top of myself. Thankfully I only pulled down the power cord to the X-Box 360, which might sound like not a big deal except it has a surge protector the size and weight of a brick that just narrowly grazed my skull and bounced off my forearms. I have the duck and cover reflexes of a child who grew up during the cold war.
Then, because I am his “freakishly tall wifey” I was designated light hanger-upper. I had to hang the lights up on our porch. Somehow I always get the shaft because Im skinny or tall or I can crawl behind stuff. Not cool. We also hung up curtains and a new table cloth, set up our dvds, organized our recycling closet, set up my husbands statues and all thats left to do is hang up posters. Woohoo. Now perhaps I can get into a regular routine. Im hoping to start getting into photography again, except my camera is being wonky. It was a pretty crappy camera to begin with, good for point and shoot on vacation but its not vary good for any skilled photography. Only automatic settings and a very slow shutter speed all the time, even at noon. This week it would take only four pictures before it would claim the battery was depleted and shut off. Other times it wouldn’t even turn on. I think its time to start hunting for a new camera. Any suggestions? It has to be under 200$ max and thats pushing it.
I should be getting into a regular posting schedule soon instead of being so erratic. See you next post, hopefully with pictures!


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