flourish. is documentation of my life as a homeowner interspersed with my memoirs and the occasional design talk. That’s the short version.

I wanted to discuss the adventures of my present day life which includes the various house repairs, city ordinances, unpacking, cleaning, etc. as well as the basic things that happen to a person as they live their life. Being a novice at this homeowner thing, as well as a newlywed and a very young and inexperienced adult still in college I figure that if a reader can’t find anything helpful, it would at least be humorous or interesting.

I am also including my memoirs. This whole thing started when I decided that writing a fictional story based on my past could never measure up to what actually happened. Because of this I decided I might as well record my memoirs. I want people to know they’re not alone. It was a rough road to get here, and even though a person in distress could have all the toll-free hot lines, doctor recommendations, guidance counselor visits and condescending advice that they can get their hands on, sometimes just hearing from someone who was there about what happened is better than all of it. Knowing that you’re not alone is enough. And of course I’m always free to talk about it. I’ve come to accept what has happened over the past decade of my life, and completely willing to divulge any details, answer any questions or even just chat.

The design talk is just for fun.


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