About Tobyn

My name is Tobyn Rouge and I am a student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Graphic Design Program. I feel that’s everything you need to know. Wanting to know, however, is quite different. You may want to know that I love snowboarding, playing catch, watching “Cops” at 4am, playing Apples to Apples, or baking. Or you may want to know that I have a love/hate relationship with sleeping, or that I am simultaneously OCD and a complete slob (it’s complicated) or that I don’t enjoy pausing my life to conform to social norms or tendencies and thusly I, at the age of 20, ran away to a cute little chapel in Niagara Falls and got married.
You may want to know that I would rather have a good story to tell than a successful one, but if I get both I wouldn’t mind so much. My favorite food is broccoli, I cannot cook well, I really, really wish I could play guitar, but I am so tone deaf and rhythm deprived it is pretty much an impossibility at this point. I am pretty good at picking up basic skills, and I get great satisfaction from completing a project to the best of my ability, however long it may take. I can always improve. I’m very competitive with myself, but no matter how hard I try, boardgames with one person just do not work.
I enjoy being grammatically correct, however rare, that damn punctuation, and actually enjoyed proofs in geometry class, and I chose to pursue art as a living because it is something that I still enjoy, something that is still challenging to me and there is room to grow and explore and invent, where instead, mathematics was something that I was good at but no matter what I did, one plus one is always two and not a loaf of bread like I want it to be.
But none of this you really need to know. You really just need my name.


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